One Pot Beef Barley Soup

One Pot Beef Barley Soup

2 tbsp Butter Unsalted
2 tbsp Oil
1.5 pound Stew meat cubes Or chuck roast (Trimmed of fat and cut into 1 inch cubes)
1 1/3 cup Onion Finely chopped
2 tbsp Garlic Finely minced
Salt To taste
Pepper To taste
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
1/2 cup Tomato sauce Or crushed tomatoes

  • Heat butter and oil in a large nonstick pot over medium high heat.
  • Add meat and cook until golden brown..
  • Then, saute onion, garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning until fragrant.

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    1. The pictures look incredible....but the recipe is incomplete...what about broth, or the barley, or vegetables? What did you use? I’d love a detailed recipe.